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Creating the Flag Enum Bound ComboBox in WPF using xToolkit

This WPF control allows binding the fields of the flag enumeration to the multi-selection combo box.

Enumeration bound to combo box items
Enumeration bound to combo box items

Create flag enumeration with fields to be bound to the combo box

public enum FlagEnumSample_e
    None = 0,
    [EnumDisplayName("Field 1")]
    Field1 = 1,
    [Description("Second Field")]
    Field2 = 2,
    Field3 = 4,
    Field2AndField3 = Field2 | Field3,
    Field4 = 8

Default value assigned to title is enumeration name. To assign the custom title inherit DisplayNameAttribute

public class EnumDisplayNameAttribute : DisplayNameAttribute 
    public EnumDisplayNameAttribute(string dispName) : base(dispName) 

Bind the View Model property in the XAML to the Value dependency property.

public class FlagEnumComboBoxControlVM
    public FlagEnumSample_e EnumPrp { get; set; }

<UserControl x:Class="Wpf.Docs.EnumComboBoxControl"
        <ctrls:FlagEnumComboBox Value="{Binding Path=EnumPrp}"/>

Control supports joined values as well as none (0) value. These items will be assigned with blue and gray colors correspondingly.

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